About Me

I am completing my masters in computer science (December 2021) at Western Washington University (WWU) advised by Brian Hutchinson. My graduate research work focused on the use of Generative Adversarial Networks to emulate Earth System Models. I’m working towards computationally effecient earth system emulators so that we may more easily understand our earth’s climate system. During my graduate study, I completed a master’s research internship at Pacific North West Laboratory where I worked in the few-shot learning domain.

I also completed my undergraduate in Math/Computer Science at WWU. This allowed me to lean more heavily into the mathematical side of computer science. My undergraduate research focused on the analysis of program performance in cluster environments. During my undergraduate study, I continued my research as a visiting student research assistant as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where I designed a data pipeline for the analysis and visualization of hardware performance counters.

Currently seeking a position as a research engineer